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SMD Leds – What are they?

Surface Mounted Device LEDs – put simply are small diodes that when a current is put through emit light measured in Lumens. The 3 main types of SMD LEDs we sell are the 3528, the 5050 and the 3535 being bright, very bright and super bright respectively.

Our LEDs, like most, have an average light span of 50,000 hrs and many can reach and out perform this figure if installed correctly with the right amount of LEDs per transformer. To calculate how many modules a transformer can take, use this simple formula:

Transformer Wattage / 1.25 (for coefficiency) / Module Wattage

For example:
Our 60w transformer using our Midi LEDs
60 / 1.25 / 0.72 = 67 modules

How To Wire LEDs.

Although anyone can wire up our LEDs we do prefer that you have a basic understanding of electrics, and always work in a safe and tidy manner to avoid mistakes. For any questions, however trivial we are always on the end of a phone.
When wiring up the LEDs to the transformers always make sure the power supply is off. Then once happy, turn the power on to test the LEDs.
When wiring up your LEDs to your transformer try to keep them as close as possible, we recommed that your LEDs will be within a metre of the power supply and a maximun of 3 mtrs away

It is possible to run a long legnth of LEDs straight from one transformer, and it may look fine to start but over a period of time the LEDs on the end will become weaker and less bright. We always recommend to wire 20 at a time. See diagram below.


The halopress (or UY2) connecters are the quickest way of joing two wires and being a genuine 3M product you can be safe in the knowledge that it is well engineered. However, we do stress that you take your time to make sure you have pressed in fully and that you are 100% happy with your connection – visually check each one before leaving your job.

It is a good idea when installing your LEDs to draw a plan as to how many are in each location and where the transformers are being located. File this as it will be very handy and may save you time if and when you need to go back for any maintenance.

How long will the LEDs last

Ingress Protection – Against Foreign Bodies & Water. The higher the rating, the more protected the product is and with our LEDs being IP65 this means that they are fully enclosed. They will not allow the ingress of dust and can withstand the occasional jets of direct water.

How many LEDS can I run on a transformer?

Depends on the module and transformer. Using our Midi (0.72w) on a 60w transformer…67no. Use this formula to calculate 60/1.25/.72

Can I put all 67 modules on one long line on the transformer?

Yes, but not recommended. Approx 20 per string. See diagram.

Are your modules dimmable?

Yes, you just need to buy the dimmer control.

Can I send the LEDs back if not satisfied?

Yes, as long as they’ve not been stuck down and are in perfectly good condition. We will charge a £20 admin fee once received.

For any other technical queries please contact us.



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